Past Cases

briggs v. united states

Our office, with Consumer Law Office of Marie Noel Appel and Public Citizen Litigation Group acting as co-counsel, was successful in getting the U.S. to repay $7.4 million to military veterans whose tax refunds and other benefits were improperly withheld and applied to government issued credit card debts.

Follow the link for the full article written for the Wall Street Journal.

⇒(Federal District Court Case No. 07-CV-5760 WHA)

collins v. city of los angeles

This is one of a series of cases brought against California governmental entities, including the CHP, relating to overcharges for what are known as DUI Emergency Response Costs.

When a car driver causes an "incident" while driving under the influence the driver can be charged with costs associated with the incident, including the salary of the police officers involved in the arrest and investigation. Los Angeles has included in the costs it seeks to recover under the guise of "salary" a host of improper overhead costs, such as the cost of depreciation of City buildings.

This suit, and many other similar cases brought against other cities and counties, have resulted in refunds of overcharges to thousands of class members.

⇒(LA Superior Court No. BC330749)