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The Law Offices of S. Chandler Visher represents consumers in class actions in both California and Federal courts. Any business practice that is both unfair and which affects a large number of persons may be the subject of any action filed by our office. Defendants often are financial institutions but also include car dealers, real estate firms and government agencies; practices often include improper debt collection practices, improper interest calculation or improper fees imposed. Our cases seek recovery on behalf of the class for financial loss, but we do not handle personal injury matters. Attorney fees are recovered from the defendant or paid from the class recovery.

why visher law?

We protect innocent consumers every day from unfair practice. We are qualified and have a long history with many class action cases. Mr. Visher graduated first in his law school class in 1970 and has been practicing law for more than forty years. He is admitted to practice in California state and federal courts and the United States Supreme Court.

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what is a class action?

Any individual who has been damaged by an unfair governmental action or business practice may sue the party causing the loss for his or her personal damages as well as damages to all others who were subjected to the same practices. The individual plaintiff acts as a fiduciary to the class but has no responsibility for locating other class members and the time required is little different from that in an individual case. The court may grant an "incentive award" to the plaintiff to compensate for the time and responsibility involved, but such awards are discretionary. Persons who act as plaintiffs in class actions do so because they want to try to stop the unfair practice and help others who have been damaged by it, not to recover more than other members of the class.